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Breathing Correctly When Running and Preventing Side Stitches

You've heard the term "as easy as breathing"? Well, for runners, you need to learn to breathe correctly for your best performance. Once you learn the correct technique - then it is "easy". Here are some tips for breathing correctly when running.Many people think that when you run, you should inhale through your nose and out through your mouth. This is not correct. You want air to enter through your mouth and your nose. Your muscles need a large amount of oxygen to perform and keep moving. Breathing only through your nose does not allow enough air in.You also want to make sure that you are not "chest breathing". Breathing just in your chest and not any deeper. That is breathing too shallow for adequate oxygen intake. You want to make sure that you are "belly breathing". Deep breaths from your diaphragm allows you to take more air in. This also will help prevent side stitches while you are running.A side stitch is a sharp pain just under the lower edge of the ribcage. All runners have had them at one time or an...


Some Of The Important Points To Consider When Looking For Running Shoes

There are a lot of different shoes you can pick from for different activities. One of the styles of shoes that you may have thought of already is the running shoe. So if you are looking to buy new pair of running shoes consider the following guidelines to help you choose the best pair for you.Some things to think about when buying a pair of these shoes is ask yourself how much you run and how far. This is a main factor in buying these shoes to expect the life of them. If you are a serious runner who logs a lot of miles you will probably want to buy more than one pair. Most of all shoes will cost anywhere from $35 to $200. If you are a runner who only runs about 25 minutes a week on a three day basis then you are looking for the less expensive kind. If you are a heavy runner you need to look for the shoe that will support your foot the best. For men, think about getting Nike or Reebok shoes or even Asics. Asics makes a wide variety of running shoes. Women who run half an hour a day or less should probably go ...


Running Tips - Psychological Benefits Of Running

Most everyone knows that running provides great physical benefits. It keeps you healthy and in super shape. But, many don't know that running in great for you mentally as well. Here are some ways that running makes you stronger mentally as well as physically.Running provides great stress relief. There are several ways that this happens. If you have a problem that you need to figure out how to handle, a long run gives you the time to sort it out in your mind. You'd be surprised how clearly you can sort through things during a 2 hour run. Also, going for a long run can just clear your mind. If you've got many things going on in your life, a nice run can help to just get away from things. Many runners will take this time to be by themselves and just be out on the roads - themselves and nature. Others will run with someone to have company and just forget about their problems.Another way that runners deal with stress is just going out and blasting through a run. If it's been an overly stressful day, you can go out...


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